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A sanctuary is not only a place of safety ­ it's also a place of worship. This Sanctuary is a gospel community at its heart, devoted to living out the good news that Jesus is God and Saviour. Each Sunday, a tight-knit group of believers gathers to worship, pray and learn. Some are middle-class people, some are homeless, and some are students, recent university grads, or young professionals. Some grew up in the church, some grew up on the streets. Some are recovering addicts, and others are recovering from a variety of "toxic faith" experiences. Most are enthusiastic followers of Christ, but a few are just beginning to try to figure out what He's all about.

The group gathers in late afternoon, and helps set up the room and sound gear, then, with a simple "Welcome, everybody!" it kicks off. Piano, acoustic guitar, washtub bass and congas provide accompaniment to a blend of old standards, newer choruses and a bookful of home-grown, blues, country and rock'n'roll oriented songs of worship.

Every Sunday, the bread and wine are shared:

"The bread reminds us that Jesus knows what it's like to be one of us. ­ He knows what it's like to be homeless, hungry, angry, lonely and afraid. He knows what it's like to be betrayed by His friends, falsely accused, and condemned. The cup reminds us that He came to do so much more than just walk among us and teach us. He came to die for us, shedding His blood so we could be forgiven, healed and welcomed into the family of God"
Each person who has put his or her faith in Christ is encouraged to receive the bread and wine as a public statement of their own faith, to strengthen them for the journey, and to be reminded again that Jesus Christ, Son of the Living God is the beginning and the end.

A little later, there's a Bible teaching time, and following that, time for prayer. This little "family of faith" is the backbone of the manpower required to do much of the programmatic functions of Sanctuary, and it's the group most likely to provide the kind of on-going spiritual and emotional support our community so desperately needs.

There really isn't anything radical or new about it. It's just simple, orthodox Christianity at work

Sunday Church ­ 5:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Worship, Communion, Bible Teaching, Prayer Time


The church leadership at Sanctuary focuses on meeting the spiritual needs of the Sanctuary community. They hold the community up in prayer, guide the spiritual vision of the organization, and help people grow in an understanding of their faith. 

If you would like more information about the SANCTUARY CHURCH please contact Greg Paul at 416-922-0628 x. 213.