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Greg Paul

E: 416-922-0628 x.213 // E: gregp AT sanctuarytoronto DOT ca

START DATE: March 1992 // SUPPORTING CHURCH: Sanctuary


BIOGRAPHY - Greg Paul, author of "God in the Alley: Being and Seeing Jesus in a Broken World", "The Twenty Piece Shuffle: Why the Poor and the Rich Need Each Other", and "Close Enough To Hear God Breathe" , is the founder of Sanctuary Ministries of Toronto, and pastor of the Sanctuary community. Sanctuary makes a priority of welcoming and caring for some of the most hurting and excluded people in Toronto, including addicts, prostitutes, homeless men, women and youth, gay, lesbian and transgendered people. In addition to maintaining and perpetuating the vision for Sanctuary, Greg's role includes pastoral care, counseling and leadership, organizational partnerships, fundraising, and representing Sanctuary to the public.

A former carpenter, Greg has been involved in inner-city ministry for over twenty-five years. His passionate commitment to the people on the street grew out of his fascination with the city and a strong interest in the issues of the street. Greg has participated in the building of a community in which people who are wealthy and people who are poor live, work and share their experiences and resources on a daily basis.

Greg is the father of four children and the lead vocalist and keyboardist for Red Rain, the band that planted the seed for Sanctuary in the mid-1980s. Red Rain still performs regularly, and is currently working on a fourth recording project. Their most recent recording, "A Night At Grace's", is available through the Sanctuary web site, as are Greg's books.

"God has called me both to know Jesus more intimately myself and to make him known to others in the heart of the city ... He has called me to find Him as a sanctuary for myself and to help create a peaceful, safe place for others in the midst of physical, emotional and spiritual danger ... As a pastor, I am to be the presence of Christ, caring for the injured and feeding the hungry. As an evangelist, I am to proclaim the Good News, that Jesus is God, that because of His great love He died to give us life and rose again to raise us up."